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Whack Your Boss

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Let's not be coy about it, everyone has a desire to physically assault their superior at one time or another. Whack Your Boss is a game takes this desire one stage further and facilitates light-hearted imaginary breaking of the law to the tune of repeated, hilarious and satisfying scenarios of whimsical violence. Best described as a virtual interactive stress ball, this game offers the player the chance to live out the fantasy that every office worker has dreamed about whilst hurriedly minimising their internet browsers as the boss walks past. Oh, and did I mention the inclusion of mild to moderate brutality?

Controls of the Game

All you need is your Mouse. You don't have to whack your boss with a keyboard.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Its a puzzle Game, try clicking on different objects to iniciate different and creative action to Whack your Boss.

game review

So if the idea of stepping over your boss's beaten body after having savaged him furiously with a small paper-bin brings a grin to your face, this game may be what you are looking for to pad out your working afternoon. Enjoy playing Whack your Boss and don't forget, it is just a game don't whack your boss for real!