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Unless you are brand new to mobile gaming you’ve played – or at least encountered – a game like Yves before. It’s a vertical auto-runner where the ultimate goal is beating your own high score by outrunning your previous best. Like other games in this genre you collect coins and power ups, upgrade items like magnets with those coins, and otherwise duck dodge and weave your way around obstacles that come in the form of traditional baddies. Each new level has some special property that is likely to come in handier for some missions than for others.

Controls of the Game

Only your [MOUSE].

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Its a puzzle game. So there is not much to tell than CLICK ON EVERYTHING!

game review

Yves – The most awesome game is going to blow your mind, but then again it won’t blow your spent time either unless you feel like playing to get ahead faster. It’s a fun endless puzzle game with a few unexpected twists, but mostly exactly what you expect. It’s free to play and there are no lags so if you are a offline play lover or a fan of bored people, give it a whirl and have fun.